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beauty of the morning by ibrahim alfarhan


beauty of the morning by 

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But it’s so small…almost like a normal cat. Are you sure it can produce that much electricity?
I am not sure, truthfully.  Apparently it would not even take very much to disable not only Pink-chan, but the entire Haro bunch.
I want Raychan to stay, though.  We do have a very big house.

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"I’ve… never shared a dream, if that’s what you’re asking," Shinn answered to her first question, a little more carefully than he would have normally done. It was a strange phenomenon, after all, and not one many people experienced. When he had first learned that such things existed, he didn’t believe it, and thought people were crazy… except now, did that mean he was one of those people?

He blinked, and the woman in front of him had turned into a girl, although still unmistakably Lacus Clyne. Listening to her story as she recalled her encounters with Rey, he imagined it, and it sounded possible - totally like the friend he knew, even when a child. If this were true, then she was right; Rey had no reason to tell him any of this at all, not when she had been their enemy. 

The dream’s bounds were shifting again, along with the music that Rey was playing on the piano. He found themselves not in a courtyard any more, but in a wide ballroom, the piano at one side as faceless figures waltzed away to the pianist’s melodies. Slowly, he felt that this dream was not so easily in his grasp any longer.

At Lacus’ second question, he blinked. It wasn’t one he had expected, and so he answered frankly as usual. “Not really. I mean, I’ve done karaoke before, but…” 

"It’s a lovely evening, but you don’t care to dance, I think," Lacus mused.

The scenery grew quieter, a terrace overlooking snowy forests and a deep lake.

The music changed again, an arrangement of an old pop song, with Rey’s brilliant transposition.  The chorus in her voice, for the night sky and the listening audience.

"These dreams go on when I close my eyes… every second of the night, I live another life… these dreams, that sleep when it’s cold outside~ every moment I’m awake, the further I’m away…"

Lacus glanced up and over at Shinn, the wind ruffling her skirts and hair. “Were you expecting someone else tonight?  …Ms. Stellar Loussier, perhaps?” 

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Worldbuilding: Landforms Word List


  • basin
  • bay
  • beach
  • brook
  • canal
  • canyon
  • cape
  • cave
  • cavern
  • channel
  • chasm
  • cliff
  • coast
  • coastline
  • continent
  • cove
  • crag
  • crater
  • creek
  • crest
  • crevasse
  • dale
  • dell
  • delta
  • depression
  • desert
  • divide
  • drift
  • dune
  • escarpment
  • estuary
  • falls
  • fault
  • fissure
  • fjord
  • foothills
  • fork
  • gap
  • geyser
  • glacier
  • glen
  • gorge
  • gulf
  • gully
  • headland
  • highland
  • hill
  • hillside
  • hollow
  • iceberg
  • inlet
  • island
  • islet
  • knoll
  • lagoon
  • lake
  • ledge
  • lowland
  • mainland
  • marsh
  • mound
  • mountain
  • mouth
  • mud flat
  • oasis
  • ocean
  • overhang
  • overlook
  • pass
  • peak
  • peninsula
  • plain
  • plateau
  • point
  • pond
  • prairie
  • range
  • ravine
  • reef
  • ridge
  • rise
  • river
  • sandbar
  • sea
  • shore
  • slope
  • spring
  • stream
  • swamp
  • terrace
  • vale
  • valley
  • volcano
  • waterfall
  • wetland

Someday, I will see the rest of these.

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Andrew Zo designed the Clifton engagement ring box, a unique product that not only conceals the ring in a slim, wallet-size container before the big proposal, but also unfolds to show the ring pirouetting like a blooming flower.


The very best kind of deceiving appearances.

And engineering~

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I did some reading on these “Pokemon” things, and that particular variety produces an electric current as a form of offensive attack. Haros are susceptible to electricity, so I’d say Pink is warning the thing not to shock him.
Oh, dear.
I was hoping it was just jealousy.
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Is there nothing I can do to keep Raychan safe around everyone else?

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Anonymous sent:

*gives raichu*

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She is adorable!

I do thank you.  

What shall I—


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Ah.  For some reason, Pink-chan does not appear to approve….

I do wonder why?

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Clara, my unbearably cute niece being unbearably cute.


Clara, my unbearably cute niece being unbearably cute.

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Venice Beach Canals - {by Jonathan Alcorn} | {WEBSITE}


Venice Beach Canals - {by Jonathan Alcorn} | {WEBSITE}

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lacustrine-duet sent:

My. What a nice voice~
shinigamipilotduo sent:

"Thank you….but who might you be, lady?"




"So you do have experience with Gundams! Cool."

"You, sir, something tells me, have more experience with them than I… The only robots I love that way, Mr. Maxwell, are the ones who are my friends."

«Omae mo na!»She scooped up the ball at the height of his bounce.  “Like Pink-chan, here.”

"Yes, indeed I do."

"My~  Then, surely, if you say ‘Gundams’, you are not doing this alone…?"

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Peaceful and tranquil by Keith Derricotte

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Refraction | (by Warren Keelan)


Refraction | (by Warren Keelan)

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I think you’ll find escape’s impossible.

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Don’t you know that what you do always comes back to haunt you…?

It’s Sunday.  O great nothing, O Magister of mixed signals.


Mm, so if I were to say that I am very much a girl who regrets nothing, a perennially troublesome young lady and an exceedingly dangerous woman… you could punish me?

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